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Exposição | New York: A monument to a city

Exposição de  Diana V. Almeida
Inauguração no dia 12 de Outubro de 2017, pelas 17h00
Sala Estúdio da Biblioteca da FCT/UNL, Campus da Caparica.
De 12 a Outubro a 09 de Novembro | 2ª a 6ª das 09h00 às 20h00.

New York: A Monument to a City. 30 fotografias

Diana V. Almeida

In the summer of 2009, the University of Lisbon Research Center (CEAUL-ULICES) gave me a scholarship for a trip to NYC, where I spent eleven days, mostly visiting as many museums as I could and roaming the streets. Though I had lived in Montgomery, A.L., for almost a year when I was 18 years old and had gone back to the US several times as a scholar, this was my first visit to NYC.
As a solo traveller, I had the opportunity to plunge into the rhythms of the city, trying to see it all (of course this turned out to be a delusional effort, though it kept me going!). I got the feeling that NYC is extra, extra, extra-large, and it offers itself to be caught over and over again by the loving eye. I had recently acquired my Leica camera and was ravished by it, which got me into the mood of a non-
stop photographing session.

This selection of 30 images illustrates my experience in the city. The concept of reflection and doubling pervades most of them, especially those that depict architectural features. I also show some street art, in contrast with the depicted museum, where I highlight the relationship between the visitors and the space.
Besides, I choose a few portraits and self-portraits to illustrate the amazing human diversity found on this urban cosmos.

Diana V. Almeida

MA and PhD in American Studies, post-doctoral project in Visual, Gender and Museum Studies, at the University of Lisboa, where I teach at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FLUL) and direct WILL Lab (Writing, Innovation, Language and Learning Laboratory).
Since 2014 I’ve been developing Writing the Heart, a creative writing and human-development project, crossing the arts and meditative practices. Tuning the Heart is my energetic healing proposal. I am also a translator and a practicing photographer.