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Seminário | Silicon is the New Steel

Professor Thomas Lee  
Stanford University  | Diretor do "DARPA’s Microsystems Technology Office" 
29 de Novembro | 09:30 | Grande Auditório FCT NOVA |
Entrada livre |

Abstract: Integrated circuits are now commoditized almost before they're taped out. Lithographic scaling has effectively ended, leading pessimists to ponder a dark future. But just as the value of a bridge or skyscraper is not simply the the cost of the steel used in its construction, moving up the hierarchy from atoms to systems will allow silicon to continue scaling in value. If the mark of a truly successful technology is invisibility, silicon has yet to complete that transition. This talk will argue that the Internet of Everything will drive silicon to invisibility as it drives the construction of civilization's first terascale network. Silicon is the new steel.