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Mind, Matter, and Emotion: Recent works from the Master of Glass and Ceramics Art and Science

GROUP EXHIBITION - CERAMICS  de Carolina Soares - Sneh Hazra - Yukie Satoh |  De 11 a 29 Junho  
Sala Estúdio

Finissage: 28 junho
Exposição coletiva dos alunos do 1º ano do Mestrado em Arte e Ciência do Vidro e da Cerâmica da FCT NOVA 

Sangachadwam de Sneh Hazra | 27-31 de maio 

Finissage 31 maio | 16h00

Sangachadwam is the last hymn in the Rig veda. Though Vedic hymns are tough to translate and one is always unsure of what to take literally and what to metaphorically this hymn encourages to bring about unity of thoughts, words and actions towards a common goal and for common good. 

The objects mmm… rather design prototypes that I intended to create are around this idea of a common purpose. Of an attempt to agree to one another to join into a common form, a common idea.The very attempt to assemble two materials together into a common object was a point of agreement where both the materials had to work around each others limitations and differences to  unite into a single form.

Sneh Hazra is a graduate in craft design with specialisation in ceramics from the Indian Institute Of Crafts And Design, India. Her subject of study involved design intervention in traditional Indian crafts to bring contemporary context to them and develop products and services sith these traditional practices that have greater relevance in the times of today. At her graduation she won the Academic achievement award (2013-2017). She was also a part of the Crafting luxury and lifestyle businesses course from the Indian Institute Of Management- Ahmadabad(IIM-A) and received the best project award for her submission titled ”crafts , lights and interactions” which was based on the attempt to infuse traditional crafts with technology into lighting that involves more than the sense of sight, backed with market research and a business model . One of her products titled “caterpillar” was featured in Elle Decor,India, Feb- March 2017; Vol 6 no. 2. 

Sneh seeks and attempts to infuse the traditional techniques, forms and surfaces with the modern or industrial ones as she believes that the traditional can only survive and become even more relevant by collaborating and evolving with the present.

Memories or Vestiges de Yukie Satoh | 20-24 de maio
Finissage 24 maio | 16h00

In this exhibition, I tried to make somethings like bottles.
Bottles has been used as containers for perfume, alcohol, food, medicine from ancient ages. Bottles preserve something. That attract me. We can find old bottles or vestiges of them at museums or antique markets etc. They have their memory and history in themselves. They don’t talk voluntary, just existing there. Something included in bottles, such as memory, vestige, phenomenon or indication.
I just want to represent something like that.

Yukie Satoh was born in Japan. She graduated Bachelor of Arts at The University of Tsukuba in 2009, and Toyama City Institute of Glass 2011. She participated some solo and group exhibitions in Japan. Then she is currently enrolled in Master of Glass and Ceramic Art and Science in The Faculty of Science and Technology in The University of Nova Lisbon. She tries to represent obscure something such as invisible memory, indication or existence. Her main material is glass, combining other many kinds of materials, such as wire, wood, mirror, or antique something.

Mais sobre Yukie Satoh: https://www.yukiesatoh.com/

In Search of Equilibrium de Marika Brandt | 13-17 de maio 
Finissage 17 maio | 16h00

In search of Equilibrium I have been looking for the answers to the following questions: how to find the balance in life while everything is in a constant change ? How to maintain the equilibrium when we stumble and fall ? How do we continue from there ?
In my work, I try to capture moments and memories in life. I desire to trap the time that we cannot stop, the moments that are passing by and the circle of life.

My name is Marika Brandt and I work mainly with glassblowing and photography, and since recently I have started my work with ceramics. I was born in Finland, but I have been located in Denmark since 2002.
My first introduction to blown glass was in 1999 when I studied at Häme Polytechnic School in Finland. During those three years I was able to learn the traditional scandinavian style of glassblowing while working and living in the Nuutajärvi Glass Village. Although scandinavian style has been the foundation for my way of working, I’ve always been interested in trying new techniques and combining different ways of shaping the material.

In 2005 I continued my studies at the Glass and Ceramics school in Bornholm, Denmark. This enabled me to add a more artistic way of working with glass and processing ideas into final pieces of work. I also kept exploring new techniques outside the hot shop by doing both kiln casting and sand casting, fusing and lamp working.
After my studies on Bornholm I have been able to develop my technical skills by working as a glassblowing assistant and as a glassblower in different studios as well as a teaching assistant for different artists.

My interest in photography started when I was doing my internship in USA in 2007. I studied in a local evening school in Burlington, VT and learned the basics in the darkroom. I started my studies at Copenhagen film- and photography school in 2010 and got introduced to different genres in the field of photography. Lately I have been focusing on pinhole photography, building my own cameras and to work in the darkroom. I also have an ongoing project with an author. This collaborative project is about documenting each day of the year by combining the text and the image.

In 2016 I received a grant from Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Danish Arts Foundation, which enabled me to take part on an intensive 8-week glassblowing course ‘Cane Ladder’ at Penland School of Crafts (NC, USA) with Claire Kelly, and study Italian techniques Pastarelli, Murini, Retticello and more.
During my time in Penland I was able to concentrate on my work in glass, but also got a chance to throw ceramics on a potters wheel, which I have continued at a local evening school after I returned to Denmark. Working with ceramics has woken up my interest in tableware again and I took time to concentrate on ceramics for 3 months in Barcelona in the autumn 2017.

Mais sobre Marika Brandt: https://marikasbrandt.com/

Once upon a time de Carolina Soares | 06 a 10 de maio                                                              
Finissage 10 de maio | 16h00

É típico começar-se com o mítico “Once upon a time” para relatar uma história infantil, histórias essas que falam de monstros, fadas, princesas, que nos deixam voar no mundo da fantasia, mas também criam uma linguagem metafórica da nossa realidade e dos problemas que encontramos ao crescer. É daqui que parte esta exposição, deixando à liberdade do espectador a interpretação da história aqui contada.
Carolina Soares nascida a 3 de julho de 1997 em Lisboa. Tirou a licenciatura em Design de Equipamento na Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa. Atualmente prossegue os seus estudos no Mestrado de Arte e Ciências do Vidro e da Cerâmica da Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa e Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa.

Marika Brandt: 13-17 de Maio com evento "finissage" no dia 17
Yukie Satoh: 20- 24 de Maio com evento "finissage" no dia 24
Sneh Hazra: 27- 31 de Maio com evento "finissage" no dia 31
Group Ceramics: 3- 7 de Junho