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Webinário “Supporting Creative Success: 3D Printing Services in Academic Libraries”


No âmbito do Projeto INNO 3D, a Biblioteca da FCT NOVA, em parceria com o American Corners Portugal vai dinamizar o Webinário “Supporting Creative Success:  3D Printing Services in Academic Libraries” por John J. Burke (Gardner-Harvey Library, Miami University) no dia 8 de novembro pelas 14h


What are the key aspects of offering 3D printing services in an academic library setting?  This session will explore questions to consider (which printers to use? how to maintain supplies? how to receive jobs and accept payment? how to promote the service and interest the campus community?) as you implement and sustain a printing service in your library.  The presenter will share his experience with providing 3D printing in a library makerspace since 2014 and additional lessons from the library literature.  Come learn how to successfully support student learning and faculty research on your campus through the creation of 3D objects. 


John Burke is Library Director & Principal Librarian on the Middletown campus of Miami University Regionals (Ohio).  He holds an MSLS from the University of Tennessee and a B.A. in history from Michigan State University.  John has worked in academic libraries for 28 years, and starte.  His scholarship centers on LMS embedded librarianship, makerspaces, and technology for library staff.  He is the author of the Neal-Schuman Library Technology Companion (ALA Neal-Schuman) and Makerspaces: a Practical Guide for Librarians (Rowman & Littlefield).

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