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Instalação | Beyond the Quotidian | VICARTE


Beyond the Quotidian |Transformations in Glass and Ceramic

 Sala Estúdio | 11 nov a 17 dez 

This exhibition stems from material explorations within the Master of Glass and Ceramics Art and Science within the VICARTE Research Unit at FCT-NOVA. Students have been charged with the task of incorporating ceramic azulejo tiles and laboratory glass as a material “point of departure” for artistic exploration. These first semester candidates of the Master have used this opportunity to create non-representational self-portraits with an eye towards personal interpretation and exploration. The resulting works all have some visual evidence of the original material boundaries set out with the project. Be they clearly evident, or virtually invisible, the “presence” of the given quotidian materials is there for viewers to find and interpret as they see fit.

The final success of each individual work of art lies somewhere between the artist’s personal growth and exploration of individual voice, and the audience’s experience with each artifact. We hope that for some, new questions arise from this type of material engagement. These questions are likely longer lived and richer than any answers might be.

Robert Wiley (VICARTE)