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American Corner Lectures | Beyond CO2

Beyond CO2: Ecosystem restoration is our only path back to a life-friendly climate.
Jon Schull (EcoRestorationAlliance.net)

Based on under-appreciated insights about the role of healthy ecosystems in maintaining a cool and stable climate we are advancing eco-restoration as the best and perhaps only solution for restoring normal temperatures and rain patterns in relatively short order. (In contrast, merely stopping emissions have that effect for centuries because there is so much carbon sputtered on the oceans).
About Jon Schull
A social and business entrepreneur, inventor, human-computer interaction researcher, and digital community organizer, Schull is the author of 19 patents, an entertaining and inspiring public speaker, and creator of the BigMapToSaveTheFuture.net.

The EcoRestoration Alliance represents scientists, practitioners, storytellers and mobilizers advancing ecorestoration as a necessary and critical near-term solution to warming, storming fires, floods and droughts. Healthy ecosystems create and maintain earth's life-friendly climate; they can recover if we act fast.